Person Centred Planning

What is Person Centred Planning?

Person Centred Planning is a process of life planning for individuals, based around the principles of inclusion and the social model of disability. Derived mainly from the early work in building Circles of Support, these tools should be available for us all. Person Centred Planning tools are alive and active, always ensuring the focus person is central and in control. They are flexible, setting no limits to the person’s wants, needs and dreams for their life.

In Person Centred Planning the process, as well as the product, is owned and controlled by the person (and sometimes their closest family and friends). As there are no prescribed forms, tick boxes or checklists, the resulting plan of support is totally individual. It creates a comprehensive portrait of who the person is and what they want to do with their life and brings together all of the people who are important to the person including family, friends, neighbours, support workers and other professionals involved in their lives.

Person Centred Planning replaces more traditional outmoded styles of assessment and planning which are based on a medical model approach to people's needs.


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