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We strive to offer very vibrant Day Services based on individual need, interest and ambition, aligned to all of the elements of our 3D Community Services.

We were privileged to provide Day Services in Leamington Spa and Atherstone up until their closure in 2011. In the heart of buzzing communities, our two buildings became the hub for administration, resources and meetings with accessible kitchen and bathroom facilities.  We designed activities to radiate out from the two buildings, with Circles Network staff and volunteers providing the necessary support for people to enjoy what their local area has to offer.

We aim, through our Day Services and 3D work to increase health, happiness and wellbeing and to eradicate loneliness. Our support provides opportunities to link and liaise with other people with lived experience of disability and with community members, professional staff and volunteers to encourage a free flow of information, ideas and motivation for everyone involved.

At the core of our work to modernise day services are the four key objectives which we use to measure all of our work: interdependence, productivity, self-determination and inclusion. All the activities and opportunities on offer aim to promote these key elements of well-being and to drive positive outcomes for people challenged with issues of disability and long term ill health

We help people create and sustain friendships, have a voice, improve confidence and enjoy life experiences. We support community based activities where people can participate and gain identity. We look for opportunities to help people develop their interests, skills and talents, to pursue further learning, to get into work or self employment or to consider volunteering.

We look to support people to improve their fitness, heath, wellbeing and motivation from helping to manage stress through relaxation techniques through to advice to take control of everyday living arrangements, finances, budgets and mobility.  

Inclusion is a real key to fulfilment. We work with people to become participating citizens involved in all aspects of community life, with the support to use local community facilities, to become an active member of services, to become involved in discussions about future plans and to very much develop a deep sense of belonging.

As in all areas of our work we strive to innovate and catalyse change to deliver more empowered and positive outcomes for all people.


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