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Many people in society are disempowered.

Disempowered to such an extent that they are unlikely to be able to fulfil their basic human needs, or demand their basic human rights.

Circles Network have been providing advocacy for disabled and disadvantaged people for over 16 years.

Our Individual Independent Professional Advocacy work aims to:

  • Safeguard people who are vulnerable and discriminated against, or who services find difficult to serve.
  • Empower people who need a stronger voice, by enabling them to express their own needs and make their own decisions.
  • Enable people to gain access to information, explore and understand their options, and to make their views and wishes known.
  • Speak on behalf of people who are unable to do so for themselves.

We use advocacy in a wide range of settings from Collective Advocacy where people are inspired and supported in groups or a Patients Council to directly providing Individual Independent Professional Advocacy for a wide range of people including those with dementia or enduring mental ill health, people with eating disorders, people with learning difficulties and people supported in forensic settings.

In Scotland, our advocacy projects continue to thrive. The extensive range of advocacy work we have undertaken has helped us to develop a unique Person Centred approach to advocacy and includes:

Current Projects

  • Advocacy in Fife
  • Advocacy in Glasgow
  • Advocacy in Inverclyde
  • Advocacy in Moray
  • Advocacy in South Ayrshire

Please see the links in the left hand menu for more information about each of these projects.

 Previous projects

  • Lothian Health Board - Individual Advocacy to adult patients in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.
  • Lothian Health Board - Individual Advocacy to patients within the young people’s unit at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and associated outlying facilities.
  • Lothian Health Board - Individual Advocacy to people with a diagnosis of Dementia who remain in their own homes within the city of Edinburgh.
  • Lothian Heath Board - management support to the Patients Council.


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