Time Banking

Why Time Banking?

"No society has the money to buy, at market prices, what it takes to raise children, make a neighbourhood safe, care for the elderly, make democracy work or address systemic injustices. The only way that the world is going to address the social problems that are dumped on it is by enlisting the very people who are now classified as 'clients' and 'consumers' and converting them into co-workers, partners and rebuilders of the core economy" (Edgar Cahn, founder of Time Banking)

Circles Network has been involved in setting up Time Banks in Reading, Surrey, West Sussex and Scotland. Our aim as an organisation is to build inclusive communities, giving everyone a voice and helping all members of the community to feel valued. Time Banking is a perfect way to enable us to achieve those aims.

Time Banking enables people to get small neighbourly jobs done, the type of job that money can't buy. It also enables people to meet their neighbours and make new friends. There are two basic principles of time banking; everyone has something to offer and all people's time is valued equally.

Check out the West Sussex Time Banking Network.

If you would like to find out more about Time Banking, please contact us on 07789 401 535 or e-mail at time.banking@circlesnetwork.org.uk.


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