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Critical to our success is listening to people we support and valuing their lived experience of disability, disadvantage and discrimination. Based on what we have heard from individuals and families, our action research, and the two decades experience of working in this field, we have developed considerable expertise in certain specialist areas of work.

Those areas include:

  1. The development and facilitation of Circles of Support and other forms of collective advocacy.
  2. Our consultancy and training, through The Academy for Inspiring Inclusion, for statutory, voluntary and independent sector services on issues relating to inclusion, creativity and change and the coordination of a wide ranging programme of courses, conferences, workshops and events, open to anyone, which expand on the best global learning about inclusion.
  3. The provision of individualised support for disabled people, people with learning difficulties, people with mental health differences, parents and carers who are at risk of isolation and exclusion.
  4. Establishing unique support for parents who have learning difficulties and other serious health issues and impairments that require assistance to parent their children at home.
  5. The development and delivery of individual, independent professional advocacy opportunities for people isolated through disability, mental health differences, long term illness, age or caring responsibilities.
  6. The development and implementation of approaches for individuals with high level support needs and complex impairments which offer the specific and in depth support necessary for real inclusion.
  7. Support for young people leaving care to develop structures which promote and encourage full inclusion and citizenship in communities.
  8. Support for parents and carers of disabled children and adults and for foster parents looking after children who have experienced trauma and disadvantage.

We believe that our main keys to success include our:

  • Independent status
  • Specialist knowledge of disability issues
  • Un-shifting value base of inclusion and equality
  • Ability to draw alongside and engage with people at all levels
  • Models of delivery which have been successfully tested and are effective in meeting the needs of individuals
  • Reputation of providing high quality services and unequalled support.


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