Measuring Up

What is Measuring Up?

Measuring Up is a new online tool designed by Circles Network.

Measuring Up enables individuals to assess and communicate their wellbeing using a very simple and interactive website.

This information can help personalise support and services for the individual and it can measure, overtime, the impact the service or support has on how an individual feels about their life.

Measuring Wellbeing

Measuring Up uses Circle Network’s four key criteria which reflect a life of fulfilment, those of:

Inclusion - the potential for individuals to have full, equal participation as citizens in the community, at school and in the workplace

Productivity - opportunities to contribute meaningfully to family and community of life, building the potential for positive employment, lifelong learning, personal, spiritual and advancement opportunities

Self determination – the freedom to choose how, where and with whom to live and work, the freedom to choose recreational activities and the freedom to choose care providers

Interdependence– the ability to move beyond independence and recognise the importance of reciprocity in relationships of love, friendship, association, exchange and professional support.

Measuring Up provides an opportunity to explore each of these issues with an individual and to facilitate their ability to create a picture of their ‘state of happiness’ and well-being. Empowering the individual to identify and rate their key issues, Measuring Up ensures a highly personalised approach to services with the individual firmly in the driving seat.

Measuring Impact

This outcome based approach very importantly provides a quantitative measurement of the impact of a service or intervention over a period of time.

Effective measurements of service impact are the ‘holy grail’ for the health and social care sector and we believe Measuring Up provides a highly innovative, proactive and essentially person centred methodology and solution.

Measuring Up incorporates and embeds all the compliance requirements included in the Government’s “Life Chances for Disabled People”. 

Who is Measuring Up for? 

The online version of Measuring Up would be invaluable to any organisation that delivers care both here in the UK and internationally, including:

  • Charities, Voluntary and Community Groups
  • Schools, Special Schools, Colleges and Youth Services
  • Hospitals, Residential Care and Nursing Homes and Day Services  
  • Local Authorities, Social Services
  • Prisons, YOI’s and Probation Services

Measuring Up is a totally inclusive tool which can be used to support a wide range of people including:

  • Vulnerable adults, families and young people
  • Those with learning difficulties or physical or sensory impairments
  • Those with mental health challenges
  • The elderly and those socially excluded.

Measuring Up:

  • Provides independent and person centred evidence of service impact
  • In a meaningful and resource efficient way
  • With the potential to drive change in the provision, management and commissioning of services
  • And harness best practice and service improvement and innovation.

Measuring Up potentially provides an edge for organisations, by truly demonstrating the impact they have on lives and the real service change they deliver.

What next…….

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