Academy for Inspiring Inclusion

The Academy for Inspiring Inclusion was established to share our experience and expertise, along with the tools and techniques we use to inspire learning of global importance. We truly believe in the power of these tools and techniques to empower people, ignite change and enrich lives. We want to spread the benefits of using them to as many people as possible.

The training we deliver is vibrant and up-to-date. We equip those who attend with all the tools needed to excel in their chosen subject. We create an environment that is relaxing and inspiring and adaptable to learning style and need, creative and full of ideas where people can live the experience of inclusion and empowerment. We have developed our expertise in Person Centred approaches over the last 16 years and bring our practical knowledge and experience to every learning and development programme we offer. 

When one recent participant was asked what they had gained from their training with Circles Network they replied “Where do I start? I can now make a difference to someone’s life”


The Academy’s Portfolio

Person Centred Planning and Life Building

Our six day Person Centred Planning and Life Building programme is invaluable to those who want to work in a person centred way and make a big positive difference to the lives of those around them, and themselves. This course goes through all the six tools you’ll need including PATH, MAPS, Essential Life Planning and Circles of Support in a way that will enable and inspire you to use these tools in rich ways with the people you work alongside. Accreditation will be offered in the coming year for this programme.

Circles of Support

We offer both a two day and four day programme on facilitating Circles of Support so that you can learn the skills and tools required to implement and develop Circles of Support. Facilitated by our team with years of hands on experience whose real life knowledge of the challenges and successes make this learning experience both truly inspiring and practical.

Time Banking

This one day programme will give you an in depth introduction to setting up your own time bank. We can run the event in any of our centres or work with you in the community to help you develop the relationships, skills and tools to manage a time bank locally.

Training for Personal Assistants

For Personal Assistants or for those who would like to follow this potentially rewarding line of work. You’ll be provided with an introduction to the values of inclusion and to working in a person centred way. You will be given tools to support your work both in the community and when working on your own.

Developing Self Directed Support

We have gained a great deal of experience in Self Directed Support and provide detailed development programmes for both professional practitioners and for people wanting to direct their own support.

Inclusion Matters

This programme represents an exciting challenge of self exploration as an essential part of your understanding of person centred approaches. With a very practical focus this learning event will give you the tools and knowledge to redefine your own values and develop a life plan with an individual using a wide range of methods.

Positive Praising for Challenging Behaviour

Positive Praising is set of strategies developed specifically for children with challenging behaviours. These methods have helped families transform their child from using their intensity for predominantly negative ways to beautifully creative and constructive ways. Our Facilitators have exceptional experience and expertise that they share generously on this life changing programme.

Independent Advocacy

This two day course helps individuals reflect on the social, technical, legal and policy requirements of the Advocacy role as well as developing the skills needed to build effective relationships with individuals with mental health issues, learning differences, other impairments and disadvantages.

Friendship and Relationship Building

This workshop explores what is involved in making, developing and maintaining friendships and how to become an active part of the community.

Authentic Leadership

Aimed at challenging leadership approaches at the highest levels of management, this programme uniquely involves horses and the tools of equine facilitation to help individuals develop their own strategies and talents as managers of people, and enables them to take this experience and create more successful and fulfilled business lives.

Foundation course in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)

If you are a practitioner operating in this field, or if you’re attracted to the field of EFL, this three day course offers the foundation for establishing and operating your own EFL practice. This intense programme covers aspects of human, horse and practitioner pre-requisites and the expertise that you will require to operate safely, effectively and professionally in the field of EFL.

In-house Training

We recognise the importance of individual and organisational requirements and the added benefits that may come from in-house learning and development. As such, we can come to you and deliver all of the above or other bespoke opportunities in your own premises.


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