Person Centred Planning

Circles Network teams use Person Centred Planning across all aspects of their work with children, young people and families. We have an extensive kit bag of tools and activities that we use with individuals to help them to Dream, Dare and Do and make the richest plans possible for their futures. 

Core to our work is ensuring the child or young person is central to their plans and always in control. We set no limits on what children and young people express as their wants, needs and dreams for their future. Every plan we develop is individual and we strive to use a range of media to help the child or young person communicate their plans, including photography, graphics, music, audio and film.

Our Person Centred Planning process creates a comprehensive portrait of the child or young person and what they want to do with their life and it brings together all of the people who are important to the child or young person including family, friends, neighbours, support workers and other professionals involved in their lives.

Read our stories to explore the diverse way we use our planning tools.



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