Empowering Families with Disabled Children

Circles Network specialise in supporting parents, foster parents and carers to support disabled and disadvantaged children. We can provide support at every stage of the child’s life to ensure they not only access the support and life choices that they have a right to; but more importantly to ensure the child expresses their own hopes and dreams and these are central to any plans for their future.

Supporting parents and carers of disabled children, we often become involved in:

  • Providing detailed information and support for parents about their child’s rights and the support available, we can help guide you through the maze of providers to get what you need
  • Establishing a Circle of Support in the school, home or community, to provide a network of family, friends and professionals to support the child or young person
  • Working with the child, young person and family to develop a Person Centred Plan that clearly expresses who this individual is, their interests and priorities, and their dreams and aspirations for the future, this is a vital tool in focussing and challenging decision-making
  • Supporting young people and families at key points of transition within the education system and into adult life and employment, we can provide planning support and advocacy at school transition reviews, we also work with training providers and employers to get the best opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged young people.

Having up to date knowledge and references can be powerful additions to a parent’s armoury, necessary to get the best available opportunities in place for a disabled and disadvantaged child.

In some areas we have set up support or study groups to help parents, we have also launched an exciting programme for parents and carers of children who challenge, known as our Positive Praising Approach.


Academy for Inspiring Inclusion

Training programmes in Family Empowerment and our Positive Praising Approach for working with children with challenging behaviour are available from the Academy see our website www.academyforinspiringinclusion.org.uk.


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