Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment. We see this as intrinsically linked to our social aims and the overall mission of our organisation.

We currently focus on three broad areas – recycling, transport and energy savings.

  • Recycling – We already recycle our paper and printer cartridges. This year we will start to monitor the amount we recycle with the aim of decreasing unnecessary usage and increasing the amount we recycle each year. At our offices we recycle cardboard, glass, plastic and paper. At the hub we are also recycling food wastage, making compost which is then used in our gardens. We also provide local allotment holders with manure from our horses and ponies. Paper that is shredded onsite is used to provide bedding for our horses.
  • Transport – We base our projects in local communities and seek to employ people who live there. We encourage them to use public transport or to walk whenever possible. Car use is kept to a minimum. We are currently researching a more environmentally friendly way of transporting our equipment between venues. Options we are looking at include: leasing transport, electric and hybrid vehicles or bio-fuel.
  • Energy savings – We are encouraging all of the venues we work with to implement energy saving strategies such as energy-saving light bulbs and ensuring lights are switched off after use. We ask our team to conserve heat and reduce the temperature in our offices.

We aim to setup a further two social enterprises related to recycling, one in the Midlands using digital imaging technology to store information and then paper shredding to provide animal bedding. There will also be a similar project in Northern Ireland that takes this concept even further.


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