What we do

“We exist to make a positive difference in the lives of people who find themselves isolated or marginalised.

The biggest impact of our work is shown when people move from positions of loneliness and separation to lives of productivity and fulfilment, where each person has a voice and feels both meaningful and loved.

We work, one person at a time, with the highest quality of attention, ensuring each person has control over what is important to them.

The social impact of working in this way is that the whole community changes and all of us belong. Our vision embraces the belief that communities we live in here in the UK, become and remain truly inclusive.” 

(Mandy Neville, October 2008)

Critical to our success is listening to people we support and valuing their lived experience of disability, disadvantage and discrimination. Based on what we have heard from individuals and families, our action research, and nearly two decades of working in this field, we have developed considerable expertise in our specialist areas of work. The links on the left hand side will give you more in depth information on the wide range of work Circles Network is proud to be involved with.


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