Supporting our work

What your support means to us and the people we walk alongside

Today, a staggering number of people in the UK are not being included in their own communities, and feelings of isolation and loneliness are far too common. Our aim is to create social inclusion, promote the spirit of community and accomplish the acceptance of difference across the UK, and beyond.

We work alongside families, young people, children, adults, older people, disabled people, people with learning differences, people with mental health issues and anyone else who may be experiencing exclusion.  Our aim is to make a positive difference to as many people’s lives as possible each year, and we can do more with your support.

Here is a snapshot of just a few of the projects that your support could help to sustain and grow:

Taking the Reins

This unique project offers the chance for disabled and disadvantaged children to benefit from interacting with horses using innovative Equine Facilitated Learning techniques. 

Enormous benefit has been demonstrated for so many children, ranging from increased communication and social skills to improved self esteem and the confidence to speak out for themselves. 


With your support more children could get the chance to benefit from being around horses in the comfortable, supportive and inclusive environment that Circles Network creates around them.




Family Empowerment

When a child is born to a disabled parent, or a parent who has a learning difficulty, it is sometimes assumed that the child will be in danger with its natural parents, before any assessment has been made. The pain experienced by mothers and fathers who have had their child taken away, with little or no explanation, cannot be over-emphasised.

We work to encourage detailed and thorough assessments to ensure the right decision is made for the child and for the parents. Many parents have been reunited successfully with their children, or are now enjoying visits with their children; as a result of our Family Empowerment work.  We continue to see the happiness and fulfilment that this can bring to parents, the children involved, and the wider community. With your support more families could be reunited and more children could be given the chance to know their loving parents.


Circles of Support

Circles Network supports people to create a supportive network of friends and allies around them to help them move forward with their life in a positive way. A Circle of Support can make a huge difference to an individual, empowering them to take control and to make positive changes in their life.. This wonderful yet simple technique is used all over the world and with your support more people could be given the opportunity to experience life with the help of their own Circle of Support.


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