Life Story: Steve's Story

Steve lives independently in Abingdon. He has paid carers that support him three times a week, for two hours at a time. Once a week, he attends a day service. When we met Steve he said that he was lonely and that the only contact he had was his carers or people at the day service. I asked Steve what he liked to do, he gave me a huge list, but said that doing them on his own wasn’t fun, and that he didn’t really leave the house alone.

Steve lives really close to his family, who he enjoys seeing, but he didn’t actually see much of them, as Steve didn’t want to ‘be a burden’ and the family said that they didn’t want Steve to think that they were interfering in his life.

After meeting his Circle of Friends from the day service and his family, we all realised this was a breakdown in communication. Steve’s family were really keen to see more of him, especially his brother.  Steve has now begun to change his life with the support of his Circle, going out a lot more, taking up a voluntary job, and frequently playing golf with his brother.

Steve recently made friends with Bert from the day service. Bert and Steve independently (something that neither of them would have done in the past) went and asked for help to find bus and cinema times so they could plan trips out together.  This is a great example of the small changes that having a Circle of Support can make; changes that make a huge difference to a person’s life.

Steve tells me that this is only the start!

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