Life Story: Ellie's New Venture

One of the Circles of Support identified that Ellie, the focus person of their circle, was looking for people who may want to organise a house share. However, she didn’t know anyone else who may be interested or how else she might meet other people. So Ellie, with the help of her circle, decided she needed to develop a way of meeting other people. Ellie and her sister are really into computers, and decided that a web forum would be the best way.

So with the help of her circle members, she has developed a website called ‘Bridging the gap’. It is a great way for people who have learning differences to get in touch with other people. The web forum is open to all people who live in Oxfordshire. This is a real success for the circle and also for the people of Oxfordshire. Through the web forum, Ellie has met with other people, who shared the same desires as she did.

They are now living in a shared house that has been totally set up by Ellie and her Circle.

They have chosen and purchased the house, had building work done, interviewed and appointed staff, agreed on two other house mates, and moved in.

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