Life Story: The Power of Karen's Circle

The Power of Karen’s Circle

Karen lives in her own flat, she is very proud to be independent and enjoys having time to herself.  Karen has learning difficulties.  She loves going to shows and she loves to sing and dance.  Her Circle of Support has grown steadily and supported Karen to access direct payments and employ two friends to be her Personal Assistants.  She has also employed new people to be Personal Assistants and when they have left her employment they have remained friends. 

Earlier last year Karen spotted that she had a lump in her breast, she told her Personal Assistant and they made an appointment with the GP. Sadly the lump was cancerous and Karen had to undergo three operations, the last operation was a mastectomy with breast reconstruction. 

During this very difficult time Karen’s Circle made sure that she had visitors in the hospital, got extra support and all the moral support she needed. 

Karen is a great fan of a particular show. She always sits in the front row when they come to her town.  When the cast heard that Karen was ill, they sent her a big get well soon card and made regular phone calls to her, this was one of the best medicines she could have had. Her Circle grew with new friends just when she needed it most!

Karen is now fully recovered and she and her Circle are planning to hold a charity evening of song and dance to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.


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