Life Story: Ali's Story

Ali was brought into hospital on a short term detention order. He had not slept for weeks and told the clinical team that the noises from a nearby twenty-four hour parcel depot were keeping him awake. As a consequence he began to suffer from sleep deprivation and racing thoughts, culminating in nervous exhaustion.

The hospital diagnosed him with schizophrenia.

When Ali met our advocate he was adamant that he was just tired, and not delusional in any way.

The advocate put his views forward at ward rounds as he was too upset and angry to attend. We claimed on his behalf that he needed rest, or to change his accommodation, rather than hospitalisation. Ali was given medication, against his wishes, and despite his insistence that he didn’t need it. This situation continued until his Mental Health Officer was persuaded to visit Ali’s home and returned in full agreement with him and that the premises were incredibly noisy.

Ali was relieved that other professionals finally accepted what he was saying, he was grateful that his advocate had believed him from the start. His, consistently-stated, views had been accepted by the advocate alone when no one else would listen to him.

As a result, his section was withdrawn; he was made an informal patient and the local

Social Services department helped him to find alternative accommodation.

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