Life Story: Supporting Tia

When we initially met Tia, she was seven months pregnant, distressed, exhausted and dispirited. Feeling isolated, alone and with no-one to turn to she said she called us as a last resort. Social Workers had already removed her son and planned to take her baby at birth and apply for adoption. We immediately assured her she was not alone and started to build a picture of her life which counteracted the impressions gained by the authority. A solicitor was engaged to handle the legal work. Circles Network attended every meeting over the six month period with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, solicitors, mid-wives, police, courts, children’s panels and other professionals to advocate for Tia. After the baby was removed, hours after giving birth, we attended four children’s panels to support her to fight the removal and put her case forward. This was complex due to the multi-agency involvement. Finally in late June Tia was allowed to go home with her child, under social work supervision. It is going very well and they have both settled. This culminated in a lovely message of thanks and the offer for us to visit at any time for a cup of tea!

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