Life Story: Community Support in Action

Zoe, a waitress in a local cafe, in South Wales was approached by one of our advocates and asked to help spread the message about the Help Scheme. Zoe immediately thought of a gentleman who visited the cafe every week. Zoe thought Mr M could be potentially isolated as he didn’t seem to have any friends, always sitting alone and reading a book. The gentleman’s wife had died six years ago from Cancer. Zoe said Mr M was always friendly and keen to chat to her. 

Zoe spoke to Mr M about the Help Scheme. He did not know anything about the Switchover and had no information about the Help Scheme. As Mr M is registered as partially sighted and also receives benefits such as pension credits, Zoe encouraged Mr M to phone the Help Scheme. 

The gentleman did phone and the following week thanked Zoe as it turned out he was eligible for a free digital box to convert his TV. Mr M told Zoe that the appointment had been booked for the engineer to install the equipment in 16 days time. Mr M was really pleased that he was eligible as his television is a lifeline. Mr M has now started talking to some of the elderly people in the cafe and has become an active supporter, helping to spread the word about the Help Scheme.

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