Life Story: Transition Matters Pack

The Transition Matters Toolkit is for disabled young people who need support in making decisions about their future. And it is for those who find themselves, one way or another, in the role of providing that support.

Planning, designing and producing the toolkit has been a labour of love in which we not only consulted many of society’s most vulnerable young people, but also gave a great deal of thought to the professional needs and working realities of those who work with them to attain what we at Circles Network have come to regard as access to ordinariness.

Circles Network have walked with hundreds of young people on the margins of society and we  have established relationships and alliances with professionals from a wide range of agencies whose aims, concerns and aspirations are now almost as familiar to us as our own. This pack has been designed with all these key workers in mind: Social Workers, Transition Workers, Connexions Personal Advisors, Community Nurses, Teaching and Learning Assistants, Life and Job Coaches and all those that stand by young people whose lives are made, in ways cruel and unnecessary, extraordinary.

The components of the pack and their underlying assumptions have been tested and honed in the field by professionals, at every turn on the long path of its evolution we sought and listened to the views and feedback, positive and negative, of those for whom it was intended.

Transition Matters is easy and fun to use; we worked hard to make it so. But its simplicity makes it neither superficial, nor limited in range. Its contents, used in a context of trust and shared goals, include the sharpest of tools. Sharp enough to make real inroads into the external barriers – physical, institutional and attitudinal – that continue to make ours a deeply disabling world.  Sharp enough, too, to cut deep into the internal barriers of low confidence and poor self esteem to which those excluded by that world are all too prone.

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