Life Story: Molly's Story

Molly's Story
Molly first visited the project with little experience of working with horses. She struggled to maintain her confidence and friendships as she often felt excluded from social situations and friendships groups as she needed help with her balance and co-ordination and sometimes used a wheelchair.  This made her feel less independent and stopped her from approaching other young people at school and other clubs she had attended in the past. Molly was also very shy and didn’t feel able to speak out loud in front of a group or join in conversations with her peers.

Taking the Reins encouraged Molly’s personality to shine through and she soon began to find her ‘voice’ and leadership skills through the horses.  Her kind nature was so evident as she groomed the horses and noticed any slight change in their mood or energy.  She became fascinated with the horse’s behaviour and ways of communicating with each other in the herd.

Her own experiences of bullying and isolation were apparent.

We soon discovered that as long as Molly has short rests between tasks, being in the open air and doing more without her walking frame began to build her strength and stamina. She thoroughly enjoying being in the outdoors and strengthening relationships with her favourite horses.

Molly has now joined the Saturday Circles Pony Club where she has met other children her own age and had the chance to showcase some of her fantastic work with the horses, this has helped her make true friends and lasting memories. Molly’s parents have been thrilled with her progress since she became involved with this Circles Network project. 

Taking the Reins has made such a positive difference to Molly's life, she has more confidence in herself and made friendships she has never been able to achieve at school and in other social circles.  Also her general stability has improved considerably.

Molly is now 15 and has decided to train as a young volunteer for the project so she can help other disabled and disadvantaged children to achieve their goals and enjoy their time around the horses. She has a strong following of young children who adore her and a set of ‘best mates’ that she spends her leisure time with.

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