Nathan from Taking the Reins | Update

Published Date:06/05/2015

Remember Nathan from the mini film that was shown on BBC Mildands Today, Children in Need and Russell Howard's Good News? Well here are some new photos of his progress and some words from his lovely mum:

"Nathan started coming to Taking the Reins (TTR) three years or so ago when he had worked out that he was different and that his speech was hard to understand, and he lost his confidence, which was heartbreaking as he was only 4! I had been looking for disabled riding as I th...ought it would help his cerebral palsy, but when I came across TTR I knew instantly that this is what he needed more. Having to talk to his ponies and make himself tall, and finding that he could indeed succeed and make the horses do things with his voice and body really helped his confidence, and while his speech impediment is still there, he is a right chatterbox these days.

We come to TTR every other Saturday to be part of the group for younger children, but in practice we often become part of a large mixed group of all ages and abilities, and that is the unique strength of TTR. Nathan is accepted as he is and supported if he needs it while being part of the group."

We literally can't stop looking at these beautiful photos here in the Circles Network office - what a gorgeous boy he is!



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