Vote for us in the Natwest Community Force - it only takes a few minutes!

Published Date:28/09/2011

Our South East team have registered their Time Bank with the Natwest Community Force.  The projects with the most votes in their area get £6,000.  So it would be great if you could take a few minutes to register on the website and then vote for us.

The website is, on click on this and register, they will send you an link by email.  Then go to this website, which will take you to the Circles Network page. Login, tick the "I agree" box, then click on the "vote for us button".

If you're unsure whether or not to vote for our team and the people they support, here's a bit of information about what the project does:

The Time Bank has 63 members so far, some of the exchanges have been gardening, giving elderly people lifts, supporting someone who had a learning difficulty to get to work, 198 hours of exchanges have taken place. We plan a regular Togetherness walk where people can get to know each other, we also plan to hold craft and art sessions where people are paid by time credits.

The Time Bank helps people to get involved in their community by arranging exchanges that can help socially isolated people to become part of their community. Time Bank values those things that money cannot buy, friendship, caring for one another, small acts that can make a big difference.

To read more about what a Time Bank is please visit

Thank You

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