3D Community Support in Action

Published Date:02/10/2012

As our 3D Community Support project grows in popularity across the UK, and people choose Circles Network for their support, we though we'd share a story of one man's journey and experiences:

Joe is a young man who through the encouragement of his Circle of Support and a lot of personal courage has managed to go from living in a hostel to employing his own Personal Assistants and living in his own flat, which he rents privately.

Initially Joe asked “would people be able to have a cup of tea with me when we are out?” as the previous agency staff had said they were not allowed to have a drink with him when they were out shopping. He was delighted when he heard the answer is yes because he is the boss!

Joe now has three different people in his staff team. With the help of his mum he has employed someone to support him with cooking, budgeting and housework.
He has employed another person who is a young man the same age as him to meet up with friends and socialise. He has employed another person who can help him to learn the bus routes and train routes he wants to use.

Joe employed people who were enthusiastic about his dream to be a self-employed artist and recently had an exhibition of his paintings, pottery and photography. His team of PA's helped him to get ready for the exhibition and his circle helped him to invite people. The exhibition was a great success, everything was sold and he received commissions. He also made links with local artists who invited him to exhibit his work with them.

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