“Walk on!” Transforming lives through horses one step at a time

Published Date:31/05/2013

The second blog from Oliver Lewis!

Circles Network leave labels behind, ignore impairments and discard deficits. Out in the Warwickshire countryside, non-human animals help humans learn about themselves and others. Listening happens but words need not be spoken. The extraordinary is rendered quite ordinary.

Circles Network participants are working with a Shetland pony


Taking the Reins

Circles Network’s most innovative programme is Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) which they deliver through an initiative called Taking the Reins (see what it’s like here). Team leader Rhianne is trained in EFL and led me into the paddock where I met some of the horses whom I was sure were having a giggle at me in my black city shoes walking round their muddy field wearing a hard hat.  


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